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natural Rock Formation. Lakshmanpur beach
Laxmanpur, Sitapur and Bharatpur villages are being flocked by tourists when in Neil Island as they cannot resist the serene feeling when in these beaches.

The Andaman Islands are a group of Islands in the Bay of Bengal and are a famous tourist spot.

Many times people think Portblair, Ross Island, Havelock, Neil Island etc are a part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Here I would like to clarify that the Nicobar Islands are majorly inhabited by Tribals and special permissions are required to visit Nicobar islands. Also Nicobar islands do not have any commercial airport like for Andaman(Portblair). so its technically wrong to say we visited or are planning to visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands

 Neill Island tour package and is an island of the Andaman Islands
capital of Andaman, Port Blair, Neil Island is roughly 42.4 km away. By ferry service, the distance takes a couple of hours to cover

Also many times People believe the Andaman Islands are not part of the Indian Territory and the Andaman Islands are an International Territory. Portblair the capital of Andaman Islands is a Union Territory and thus a part of the Indian Territory. No visa required to visit Andaman. Many a times , it has been argued that Andaman is an expensive destination . The amount in which Andaman is finalised ,some Asian countries can be visited at half the price like Malaysia, Thailand etc. Also, it does not have Chain properties of Marriot, Oberois, Trident, Leela, Lalit etc at its beaches. It is like comparing Apples and Oranges.The experience of sunset and sunrise one gets at Chidiya Tapu,Laxmanpur Beach,Radha Nagar beach cannot be experienced in Pattaya or Kuala Lumpur. Similarly, the Deers of Ross Island,Corals of Havelock,Beaches of Neil Island have their own significance. Considering the fact that Andaman is isolated from Rest of India,fuel expenses are but natural high,thereby increasing the transportation cost Significantly. Also since the population is less,the cost of Taxi and Taxi drivers is high,however,its still lesser than a self drive in Andaman as its costlier and more difficult to navigate in a remote island


Moreover when one travels abroad,he/she worried about visa,then,one has to carry minimum 800 usd per person extra to travel Abroad,which even if not has to be spent still leads to liquidity issues. Also many a times,people do not get Hindi speaking guide,Indian curries etc  Abroad which is not a problem in Andaman.The four star and four star deluxe properties like Barefoot Havelock,Symphony Samudra Portblair,Summer Sands Beach Resort Neil Island offer excellent hospitality,amazing view from property and sumptuous food. Therefore Andaman is more of Experience than living on myths .Experience Andaman for its natural beauty,beautiful beaches,amazing sea food,Comfortable Stay and peace of mind.Andaman: Closer to Home,Yet International